There are no evening hunts. Hunts go from one half hour before sunrise until 12 noon. There is a $400 minimum per hunt. We can also group singles together, hospital just ask.


Pricing – Western Shore Hunts

Land Hunt – $145/person

*Hunting over crop ground or pasture, no water involved

Pond Hunt – $160/person

*Hunting over a current-less body of water

Water Hunt – $185/person

*Hunting over an open water body


Pricing - Eastern Shore Hunts

Goose Hunting: $700 a blind

Duck Hunting: $750 a blind

*Blinds hold 4 hunters and 1 guide*


With current gas prices and the nature of resident goose hunting, we ask all prospective clients to understand that Black Dog Guide Service and its guides try very hard to insure a successful hunt. Many hours go into scouting & hunt preparation before the hunters even arrive. You can rest assured that every member of the Black Dog Family wants to deliver a successful and overall entertaining hunt. In the end, regardless of how many hours of preparation and the amount of skill, it is still hunting. Please come with a positive attitude and leave the rest up to us.

Payment Options

Black Dog requires a 50% deposit in order to reserve your date. We accept cash, paypal or personal check.