About Us


Black Dog Guide Service is a life long dream of three friends who grew up together hunting the woods and waters of Maryland. All three were high school friends with a love for the outdoors. We hunted together since we were very young and have developed a mutual passion and respect for the outdoors. From this passion for the outdoors has sprung a desire to share our skill and the memorable experience with others; thus Black Dog Guide Service was created. The dream was organized at home by Joe Brown and Bryan Ray; while the third, Kirk Bosselmann, helped through emails and phone calls while serving our county in Iraq. Our company is built on the ideals of respect for nature, property and law, ethical hunting practices, costumer satisfaction and most importantly an outstanding landowner and guide relationship.


Joe Brown, Owner / Guide

Joe holds a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Natural Resource Management from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WVA. He is the President of Patriot Land and Wildlife Management Services, Inc. Joe is also a professional firefighter for the District of Columbia as well as a volunteer in Prince Georges and Montgomery County, Maryland. When not working, Joe enjoys spending time with his new baby boy Bryton Kirk and his dog Maple.


Bryan Ray, Owner / Guide

Bryan became passionate for waterfowl hunting the first time his father took him to the eastern shore of Maryland when Bryan was only 7 years old. Bryan is an avid bowhunter and enjoys spending his free time in the treestand. Bryan graduated from Frostburg University in 2006 with a degree in business and now works for Woodlawn Mechanical Contractors.



Cpl. Kirk J. Bosselmann, American Hero / Friend 

Born in Canada, Kirk learned to love the outdoors from the beginning. He moved to Maryland at a young age and instantly became inseparable from its woods and waters. Hunting was always a priority, from being too young to drive and walking 3 miles to his favorite bowhunting spot, or hiding the boat and decoys in the back of his high school parking lot in preparation for the afternoons hunt. Also a volunteer firefighter, his love for the outdoors led him towards a career as a wildland firefighter. The need for parachute training led him into the Marine Corp. His skill with a rifle led Kirk straight to the Sniper Platoon. During his second tour in Iraq, Cpl. Kirk J. Bosselmann gave his life in the struggle for Falluja. His friendship will never be matched, and his heroic sacrifice will never be forgotten.


Ryan Schultze, Cameraman / Guide

 Ryan holds a Business degree from Mount Saint Mary’s University and is currently studying Agricultural Business Management at The University Of Maryland. He has a passion for hunting and anything outdoors, including wilderness tripping involving canoeing, backpacking, and caving. His involvement with Black Dog is more recent, frequently filiming hunts and providing hunt support, although he loves to get involved with the hunting action when he can. Ryan is also a project manager for Patriot Land and Wildlife heading up the Floating Islands Division.



Dixie, Original Black Dog

The inspiration for the name of the service, Dixie was a tremendously talented and loyal friend. Trained from a puppy by Joe Brown, and traveling everywhere together, she was the only girl for him. The 5 year old black lab lost her life to a heat stroke in June of 2004 while playing with Joe on an island in the Potomac River. She can never be replaced but her great hunts will always be remembered. Her loyalty and passion for the hunt was an everyday lesson in life, she will be missed.  


Maple, Future of Black Dog

Named for the Maple leaf on the Canadian Flag for our departed friend Kirk, Maple is an eager and talented black lab retriever. She continues to train hard for her part with Black Dog Guide Service.



Daisy, A new generation

Daisy is the daughter of Maple and Bryans pride and joy. The two of them have been training hard to make sure the tradition lives on with Black Dog Guide Service.